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GROWING PAINS: The Germination of A Writer






In the beginning I swore I'd never self-publish. Of course, I also swore to myself I'd never purchase an anthology unless I was a contest winner, either!

Well folks, I was broke for the first year! I have a shelf mostly full of anthologies I loathe; although to be fair, there are a couple I do like. I also have three poetry books out. - -

Naturally, self-published, then was subsidized!

To be honest, I was having so much fun I didn't care if I was broke and naked. I'd been meeting wonderfully kind and supportive people and loving every minute of all I was doing. However, I now believe I've thrown all my original ideas out the window and am truly glad!

When I sat down and wrote my first commentary I was not aware that I was doing that either! I was so angry that I needed to vent my energies in a positive manner, so I found myself at my word processor. Even I was surprised by the finished product! I had written my first article, The Name Has Been Changed to Protect Mr. Innocent. No one was more surprised than me at the outcome of that article. Not only did I find it in print, I was paid for it. The article even won a prize. But, the very best of all was that it led to the birth of my column. Once I realized I could write an article I truly began to have fun doing the additional ones. I never once felt pressured, except in the very beginning. It took a few days for me to come to terms with the fact the column would write itself, but with time. Once I accepted the fact that each article would come with experience, I laid back and wrote as each experience happened. I couldn't believe how much fun I was having. Then again, Iíve always risen to a challenge.

The feedback was amazing! People not only noticed it, they read it and had positive comments to write the publisher about. I was thrilled by those who wrote to say how they related to a specific article, and flattered by those who showed "sour-grapes" and wanted my space. In all honestly, I believed I must be doing something right, otherwise nobody would waste their time commenting or complaining!

The same feelings of inadequacy faced me when Writer's World Magazine contacted me, asking me to be their poetry editor. I went into mass panic; I felt I was unqualified to sit in that position too!

I have been extremely fortunate in finding supportive friends and when I phoned them in the midst of having my "nervous breakdown" over this latest potential adventure, they convinced me that I not only could do it, but that was exactly what I had been working so very hard for. My response was, "I have?" Laughing at me, they said that I also needed the job. Feebly I said

"I do?" Then, believing those who had belief in me, I went for it! Soon I discovered not only could I do it, but that I loved doing all the hard work it involved!

Let's all fly partially by the seat of our pants, go with our gut feelings and have a wonderful time with tremendous people. In the beginning . . . can be just that -- uneducated beliefs that change with knowledge and loving support.







Experience is life's greatest teacher and in Growing Pains: Germination of A Writer, Diane Krueger covers the wide spectrum involved in the unfolding process from trembling novice, to first acceptance, to the realization of skillful talent which will ultimately evolve into the desire and ability to help and encourage others. And, she's accomplished all of this process of growth in less than two, very prolifically active years!

Reading these truthful antidotes, a reader is caught up in the humorous situations and can relate with their own experiences so vividly, that one tends to forget that these short-chapter essays are actually step-lessons of the trials and tribulations of an aspiring writer who has passed through the fire, and emerged tempered!

I've watched, read and listened to Diane Krueger as she has expanded, unfolded, evolved and pursued her chosen career as a writer and believe whole-heartedly, that if other authors would take these experiences to heart, adapting such a spirit of boldness. that they would be able to not only enjoy this very worthwhile book, but they could actually enrich and accelerate their own career experiences.

Diane has kept her sense of humor to produce a worthy read for those curious enough to venture inside Growing Pains: Germination of A Writer  with possibly the added bonus of learning very poignant lessons of how to gain confidence in one's own abilities as each, tries to struggle though the confusing maze of the world of a writer.

Thanks for the laughs and a good read, Diane!


27 August 1995 Joyce Carbone  JVC BOOKS



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