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Shattered Lives: From falling in love through abuse, divorce & into new beginnings





"Hope springs eternal in the hearts of men."



    From the first meeting to last goodbye, we have all felt the joy and anguish, or, if not at first hand experienced them, heave heard from others the harsh realities of life . . . hope, love, marriage, pain, disillusionment, divorce . . . Shattered Lives.

    It is the author's intend, through her words, to recreate those emotions so easily felt, yet so difficult to define.  Herein, the saga of a woman's life, from first love; with all the dreams and hopes of her future still intact, to realization of shattered expectations, through a divorce of both mate and self, ending with a new beginning replete with fresh dreams, goals and visions.

    Told by Ms. Krueger in honest, poignant fashion, Shattered Lives is both a good read as well as excellent poetry.



Stephen-Michael Lazaroff

Editor, Prairie Dog Press





           This book is dedicated to all of you out there who have ever suffered the anguishes and pains of Shattered Lives. May neither you nor any of your loved ones ever again suffer from the pains of Shattered Lives.




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