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Reflections ... One Woman's Life
1917 to the new millennium                                                              ISBN # 0-930865-41-3
by Diane L Krueger                                                                           Page Count 424

    From an Appalachian mining camp to a local supper club and a chance encounter with Billy Rose and his friends...
    Natural talent, hard work and people who believed in her, led to Billy Rose discovering Melinda Sue Brice singing in a small supper club in Appalachia.
    Immediately charmed by this wonderful child-woman, Billy Rose brought her to New York. Her New York debut was so successful all of the upper scale night clubs fought to book her.
    One innocent mistake and all was lost...
    Billy Rose continued to believe in her and eventually devised a polan to bring her back to New York. Melinda Sue gratefully vowed never to err again.
    But even with triumph there is always tragedy...

TITLE: Reflections... One Woman's Life (1917 to the new millennium)
Publication date: August 2003
Format: Paperback
Page Number: 424

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