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Dear RSVP Press:

I received my Polymer Clay Tips & Tricks book two days ago.  I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am with it.  Please let Mr. Boone know.  The disk navigated perfectly and I was able to print out the chapter I needed so I could work on my clay with his information at my fingertips. . .

Dorothy...New Jersey


I have been a fan of Diane Krueger's work for many years now.  I follow her column religiously so that I can learn from the experiences she so gladly shares with her readers.  It makes life easier learning from another's mistakes, frustrations and fright!  It is so exciting to have Growing Pains: The Germination of A Writer as a compilation.  Now, when I get stuck or need to know something, I can dig into her paperback rather than ferreting through back issues of magazines. . .





Eugene Boone's book on Polymer Clay was so helpful.  He also saved me more than the cost of his book in materials.  His explanations and directions were easy to follow and worked well. . . I sincerely hope he will write a book on decorative painting in the near future. . .






Bill, we have spoken to Mr. Boone and he is indeed planning several new how-to books for the future.  Please keep checking back with us. For your information, his new paperback book is out titled The Big Book of Pet Names.




I was thrilled to finally have Diane Krueger's column in one place.  I was making the back issues of magazines that carried her articles tattered, looking for a specific article when I needed it.  I also am a fan of her poetry and own the paperbacks from several years ago.  Are there any plans for her poetry and prose to be published in either paperback or electronic formats? . . .





Yes Tom. Please keep checking back with us.  Diane's poetry book Only Yesterday: Evolution of A New Generation is now available.  Soon to be released is another book of Diane's poetry, Shattered Lives.  Her novel, Reflections. . . One Woman's Life (1917 tot he new millennium) is now out.  She is also currently working on another poetry book and novel.



I just finished reading Diane L. Krueger's novel Reflections...One Woman's Life (from 1917 to the new millennium).  What a wonderful novel.  I found it difficult to put down as I was enjoying my travel through time so much.  I would not only recommend it but go as far as to say it is a must read.  Due to the way it was written and the bits of history throughout, even my husband found himself reading it.  Now, I must admit, that is not something that happens often in this household...

                                                                   Brielle... New Hampshire



Thank you to those customers who cared to comment.  Obviously we can't put everyone's comments due to space and time.  However, rest assured your emails and letters do get forwarded to our authors, for which they are grateful.


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