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Elusive Love & Moonbeams: Michael's Story








Opening Preface:

                                Donna and Michael arrived at Newark Liberty Airport two hours before flight time, 

                    as was required by airline policy. Donna seemed a little nervous; Michael was smiling

                    inwardly. I canít let Donna suspect anything. This took a lot of hard work and planning.

                    She will be amazed if I just manage to keep my mouth shut and not spoil the big surprise for 


                                "Honey, whatís bothering you?"

                                "Nothing, really. I was just thinking about a year ago . . . Itís kind of scary remember-

                    ing how lucky I was that you decided to find me when you did. If you hadnít come at the precise

                    moment you did I would most probably be dead now, or so the nurses had told me. No one would

                    have found me at that hour for sure. This man not only always loved me, but he saved my life. "

                                "I would have to say, in the grand scheme of things, we were meant to be together." You

                    were always telling me that, when I was so doubtful. Iím the one who should still be in total


                                "Michael? Where did your mind just go?"

                                "Nowhere in particular. I was just thinking back to how positive you always were about

                    us and how I never thought weíd be able to be here, like this."

                                "Darling, I have to admit to you now, glancing down at her diamond heart-shaped

                    engagement ring, how Iíd often wonder over the past three decades whether or not we would 

                    ever be able to be together. I just knew I had to keep the faith in us somehow alive, for us both,"

                    she sighed, "and here we are boarding a plane to Hawaii together. Pinch me to make Iím standing

                    here with you!"

                                "Me neither." She should only know whatís planned for her next. Itís obvious she has

                    absolutely no idea that Iíve planned anything but a trip to celebrate the first year anniversary

                    after her coronary ... my secret has been well kept. Iím so glad no one slipped.



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