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Diane L. Krueger grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey. After attending college in New York State she returned to New Jersey. Ms. Krueger has resided in New Jersey for the past thirty-five years.

She has a writing-related column that is currently running in several writers' publications. Her articles can also occasionally be found in Authorship, the publication of The National Writer's Association. Several of her articles have appeared overseas. She has been a guest columnist in many publications that do not carry her column on a steady basis.

Ms. Krueger was poetry editor for Writer's World Magazine from 1993 until it ceased publishing in early 1997. She was assistant editor for Black Creek Review and was also a freelance featured writer for Starburst Magazine under her name and pen name, Leslie Ann Michaels.

Ms. Krueger has been heard on radio stations Z-100, WXMC  and WCTC.  

She has served as a poetry judge for several publishers and was also the final poetry competition  judge for The National Writer’s Association. Ms. Krueger was often a spotlighted guest on Prodigy Internet Services, answering questions and helping fledgling writers.

Her poetry and articles are read widely and she is the recipient of many awards for her writings and has a large following both as a poet and prose writer.

Currently she has several books released in electronic book format. Her paperback novels, poetry and how-to about her writing experiences are (or will soon be) available in paperback as well.

Ms. Krueger is currently busy working on another novel, as well as a series of three novels and a poetry book due out 2004-2005.


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