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ONLY YESTERDAY: The Evolution of A New Generation



Poetry by

Diane L. Krueger




As I sat sipping a cup of coffee, I found myself reflecting.  The years have flown past so quickly.  I can hardly believe my babies are grown adults; out there living their own life's pleasures and pains.

I find myself missing them.  Yes, even the messy house and my phone and doorbell clanging simultaneously!  I must admit I enjoy a nicely quiet and semi-neat home, but occasionally all this peace and quiet, which enables me to write, does seem depressing.

I believe I gave my children the most precious gift of all, after life, by learning to let them go.  That doesn't mean I'll stopped caring, worrying or loving them until the day I die.  It just means I'll leave them be to make their own lives, suffer their own individual anguish and joy with the knowledge that Mom is always waiting quietly in the wings in times of need.

This book was born today from these reflections.  I decided it was time to dig through old notes and memories; rewrite, revise and hopefully add a few thoughts of today.

I hope that all of you who take this journey with me will be able to relate, reflect and remember . . . making this journey enjoyable and hopefully bring some of your very own memories alive again for you and your family.

Enough said!  Take my hand and let's begin our journey.






Wasn't it only yesterday

you both were so small?

It had to be --

last month I was pregnant!


I watched you

board school buses,

so grown-up and independent.

Graduation Day

is too soon drawing near --

In two years a second;

you'll be off to college, work.

I can't imagine

only one of you home --


neither of you?


I kissed your hurts away,

cleaned your bloodied knees --

Now it's broken hearts.

How can that be?

How could you both

have grown so rapidly --

After all, I'm only twenty-five!

You're both doing


looking so magnificent --

too grown-up for me.

Wasn't it

Only Yesterday

I donned my prom gown,

Graduation dress?


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